James Wyatt is an artist, a rock musician, he plays drums, sings and plays guitar. He is a composer and poet. www.jameswyatt-artist-web.eu is his 24/7 world wide advertising and mail order.

He plays the Synthesiser, Bass Guitar and Harmonica. James Wyatt's Adrenaline Spilt is a solo band project, he will be releasing his first album on 9th Symphony Records. The Rampant Ego Maniac Band are a side project.

He is also a writer and photographer. He has worked for a radio station and has given recitals of his poetry and contributed to over 20 magazines.

In 2011 a small book of his poetry was published by Chinese Carpet Publications with some sketches and an oil painting by him on the cover. This was the first of seven poetry books.

Volume 2, Winter Teardrops, was published in July 2014 with Volumne 3, Glass and Tinder, published in October 2014.

In September 2014 he published outside the run of seven volumes The Poetry of The Boudica Revolt.

'Cornerstone' and 'Phil Allen 1990's' - Solo singer auditions Cornerstone Production Services Ltd 1996.

James Wyatt Other Websites

For other information on James A Wyatt including music and poetry history: www.jameswyatt-artist-web.info.

James Wyatt's Adrenaline Spilt and the Rampant Ego Maniac Band are also on Star Now.


SANDCASTLES AND SKY POEMS cover 'OLYMPUS MONS ON FIRE' oil painting Postcard Art Print (August 2014 - SOLD OUT)

'Poetry At The Bar' Filmed/Recorded May 2014 at The Carlisle Pub Function Room.

Ditto Music deal signed July 2014. Tracks available from www.jameswyatt-artist-web.eu as well as Apple iTunes and distributed to stores in 2015

Email his rock band : adrenalinespilt@gmail.com

James Wyatt has asserted his Personality Rights, Author's Moral Rights, Copyrights and Trade Marks. 9th Symphony Records and Chinese Carpet Publications are Government Gateway Business Lonk Registered Trade Marks.

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9th Symphony Records/Chinese Carpet Publications
Releases by James A. Wyatt.

  • 2011 'Sandcastles & Sky Poems'
    (ISBN - 978-0-9572987-0-5)
  • 2012 Relic Hunter So Shall It Be 10th Anniversary
    Episode Guide and Companion -
    (ISBN-978-0-9572987-1-2 allocated,
    cover on website - awaiting advance orders
    by December 2012)
  • 2012 Heartbreak Hotel (Anti Abortion Protest CD Demo
    single - NSR 001-056)
  • 2013 Rock Variations (CD Album Promotional
    Copies, T-shirts, Lyric Booklets & Flyers -
    Promoted Worldwide)
  • 2014 Winter Teardrops Poems Volume 2'
  • 2014 'Purple Battle' (Rock Variation) - Download track
  • 2014 Glass & Cinder Poems Volume 3
  • 2014 Rock Variations (2 track CD single),
    (RV100NSR1), also as 2 separate
    Download tracks
  • 2015 Rock Variations (3 track),
    Distributed by Ditto Music to Apple and itunes stores.
  • 2015 The Poetry of The Boudica Revolt